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Flutter – Framework

Dextra Technologies is one of the most prestigious and distending mobile app development companies in Chennai with cost-effective and efficient. Ever wondered how all these amazing apps are made with great features and eye-catching visuals.

The answer to that question is Flutter. Flutter Application is a framework used to develop mobile apps for any platform be it Android or iOS. You order it and we will make it. Flutter is a one-stop shop for all the needs of mobile application development. Our experienced Flutter developers are adapted to unique styles and methodologies to build your well-defined project goals. To attain the top-notch result in a shorter period, you can approach our expert team who are on the right track for the flutter app service. It uses Dart programming language to build apps that are high on native touch and performance. Flutter’s way of building mobile apps is a smart choice for startup entrepreneurs who are short on budget and want their app delivered to them in a short time. We use the latest trends and technologies according to your requirement and delivers the project at right time. Our mobile application development services are compatible with android and ios.

Dextra’s app developers are extensive users of the Flutter Application. We have mastered the art of mobile app building in the Flutter framework. If your business has a strong need for an app don’t hesitate Dextra Technologies is here for you. We will make apps that will do wonders for your business.

Flutter app

Why do we choose the Flutter app ?

  • Flutter is a native application.
  • Flutter app has the hot reload option. it does not restart the whole app it just changes the specific code.
  • The flutter app has a high performance.
  • Multiple languages can be kept on a single platform using a dart.
  • It has High Productivity
  • The backend and the layout are written in a single language.
  • The flutter architecture need not have bridges.
  • Flutter architecture supports animation builders.
  • Need not have the XML Files.
  • Flutter app is growing every day
  • Uses the user interface application
  • It has high-speed animation.

Need Flutter based application for your business needs. You have come to the right place. You can call us at (+91) 44-48648848 and (+91) 73972-61418 or you can email us at [email protected] with your requirements. Our developers will reach you immediately.

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