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Leading Website Development Company in Chennai

Dextra Technologies

Dextra Technologies is a Website Development, Web Application, Digital Marketing and Mobile Application leading Company in Chennai. We are all about the web. You would like to do anything with online then, we are the ones you call. It’s not only our scope of business to create and develop websites and applications for your business, but it’s also our die-hard passion to help you grow and to your business prosper.

The people of Dextra Technologies are passionate. We believe that the power of any business is teamwork and technology. We are highly capable and well equipped to develop any web services that your business needs. We can’t tolerate mediocrity in many spheres of business. We aim for the stars. We supply the best for our clients and we don’t rest till we put a smile on the faces of our clients.

We aspire for the best and get it for you. We believe in high-level engagement with our clients. We understand your business and what it means to you. We help you build a platform that will enable you to win more acquaintance and excel in your business.

Leading Website Development Company in Chennai


Our Team

Dextra Technologies true strength lies in its team. Our team is consists of amazing web developers, designers, WordPress-developers, mobile application developers, SEO specialist, Digital Marketing strategist and business analysts.

Web Development Team:

Web development is the core of Dextra Technologies and we have an amazing set of programmers championing the area of web development. Our programmers are very passionate and experts proficient with PHP and it’s various other development frameworks which made us be a leading web development company in Chennai.


Designing Team:

Dextra Technologies has its own dedicated designing team. Our designers are highly creative and visual thinkers. With our intensive experience in designing and our achieved instinct help us to present your business requirements visually in a way that attracts the targeted and potential clients/customers. We provide stunning Website Design and that is why Dextra been claimed as Best Website Design Company in Chennai

WordPress Development Team:

We have a highly enthusiastic team of WordPress developers. We are the Leading WordPress Development Company in Chennai, India with expertise in Web Development, Web Design, and Digital Marketing.WordPress is the newest star in the Content Management System (CMS) and a global leader. One in four websites over the internet is created on the WordPress platform. Our developers are highly proficient and skilled with WordPress whether it’s a theme development or plugins. You name it Dextra Technologies WordPress Developers will do it.


Mobile App Development Team:

Dextra Technologies mobile app developers can develop mobile apps for both Android and IOS platform with ease. We are excellent with the PhoneGap framework. We welcome the challenge. If you keen to have an app then, we have the technical skill and resources to develop your app. Dextra Technologies provide best and user friendly Mobile Application Developers in Chennai

Digital Marketing Team:

A more website or an application just won’t do in the internet age. Without knowing the proper know-how to market your business online, your business can’t survive. That is why we at Dextra Technologies have our own dedicated Digital marketing team specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) to make sure that your website is favoured by the search engines and that you reach your target group.That is why Dextra Technologies is always claimed as Best SEO Company in Chennai



Dextra Technologies tech solution is a place where technology is married to amazing human resources. We are highly equipped to develop any web- services for your business. Dextra Technologies developers have accesses to all the latest developing frameworks and hardware. We provide an environment where creativity flourishes and problems find solutions. We are aware that with the right tools and right attitude we can handle any challenge.

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