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How to do CRO

How to do CRO without Damaging SEO

To earn money through the website you need two things Such as Conversion Rate Optimization and SEO. These both are viewed as enemies but they are not. These things can lead to an insane level of success through conversion and traffic.

In this post, we will discuss common mistakes that CRO specialists make in SEO.

What is conversion optimization?

Conversion optimization is the process of making changes within the website. That result, a greater percentage of visitors and convert them into customers.

Conversion optimization provides these benefits

  • Higher amounts of paying customers
  • Improved marketing ROI
  • Greater profitability
  • Faster business growth
  • Better customer appeal
  • Defeating the competition
  • Exponential improvements
  • Improved LCV
  • Lower relative cost than generating new leads

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of making changes in onsite and getting high quality backlinks the off-page activities to improve the website visibility in organic search results.

SEO provides these benefits

  • Brings in targeted leads
  • Boosts your SERPs
  • Improves keyword rankings
  • Enhances brand awareness
  • Produces higher traffic
  • Creates viral potential
  • Grows social following
  • Builds mailing list
  • Establishes site trust and authority
  • Increases backlink and recognition
  • Provides niche domination

CRO specialists make common mistakes in SEO

  • Content Duplication
  • Wrong Kind of Redirect
  • Site Speed
  • H1 Tag
  • Keep Images Alive

Content Duplication

Content Duplication is the common mistake in A/B testing website. They can’t set the variation page properly. i.e canonical tag is not used properly.

If your website page has some elements which are duplicate of the original page. To know the original version you have to specify the canonical tag for those pages. Then Google understands the website have canonical version pages.

Wrong Kind of Redirect

For SEO purpose we use two kinds of redirects such are 301 redirects and 302 redirects.               

301 redirects                                                                                                                    

301 redirects are the permanent redirection. IF you don’t want the existing page URL then you have to do 301 redirects to new URL. Through this redirection, you can gain the URL’s link juice and traffic. So this redirection is preferred by the SEO experts.

302 redirects

302 redirects are the temporary redirection. If you want to put down a page temporarily for constructions purpose, you can use 302 redirects.  But this redirection is not providing link juice for that URL.

H1 tag

CRO specialists often change H1 tags. That may affect SEO ranking. For the better conversion, you no need to put the keyword in the H1 tag.

Keep images alive

Through Google image search your website images bring traffic to your website. So keep images alive. 

These are the common mistakes made by the CRO specialist. Avoid these mistakes while doing CRO. This post helps you to do CRO without damaging SEO.  To learn more about the Search Engine Optimization visit our website.


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