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WordPress SEO Strategy for 2019

WordPress SEO Strategy for 2019

WordPress SEO Strategy for 2019

Google always provide better, fast and more secure websites in the Search engine result page for its users. So we have to provide imperative for the WordPress SEO best practices.

Do you want to get a higher ranking on Google for your website? First, you have to up-to-date with Google’s latest algorithm changes and start using the SEO friendly WordPress Website.

By activating the WordPress plug-in and following the SEO Practices, you can enhance the website ranking on Google.

Let’s discuss the WordPress SEO best practices to increase website traffic. Before following the SEO best practices you have to know about the SEO strategy such as SEO on-page optimization, SEO off page optimization. What we doing on our website are called On-page SEO. On-page activities are Blog content posting, Meta tag optimization, interlinking, etc.  What we doing for the website on third party websites are called Off-page SEO. Off-page activities are link building, blog commenting, Q&A, etc.

Let’s discuss WordPress SEO Strategies

Keyword Research

Most of the people think keyword stuffing is one of the SEO strategies to get Google rank. But keyword stuffing affects the search engine ranking.  Keyword stuffed websites are penalized by Google and marked that site has to spam. But still, the keyword is one of the ranking signals for all search engines. Do you want to rank for the keyword “backlink creation”? First, know about your keyword competitions using the Google ad words keyword planner. And analyze your website on Google analytics. And you can also use an alternative keyword such as how to create backlinks?

Focus on Content

Quality content is the king of SEO. Content is one of the important factors for search engine ranking. Website content should be unique and plagiarism free. If your website has quality lengthy content, it does not affect by the Google algorithm changes. If your website content quality is less, the user will never come back to your site. So you have to focus on quality content.

Image and Video SEO

Website images should be relevant to your website content. For SEO purpose, you have to give alt tag, image title for the website images. And videos also generate more traffic for your website. For videos, you have to use proper title, description, and keywords.

Use SEO-Ready WordPress Themes and Plug-in

During the website development, you have to choose the SEO friendly WordPress themes and plug-in for your website. Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, and Title) are able to use in your selected themes.

SEO friendly URL

You have to choose the SEO friendly URL for your web page. For example, if your webpage content related to SEO Tips and Tricks means your webpage URL should be like

Mobile friendly websites

Most of the people use a mobile device to browse a query. So you have to optimize your websites through the mobile page optimization. If you are using WordPress, you can use the AMP version for each post.

Other ranking signals

  • Page load speed
  • You have to submit your website to search engines using webmaster tools
  • And also you have to submit sitemap and robots.txt files.
  • After that, you have to create quality backlinks for your website. This process helps Google to know about your website valuable content.

Are you looking for the best SEO Company in the UK for link building? You can call us +91 73972 61418 or Email us [email protected] to get your quotation for your SEO service proposal. We also provide WordPress Website development, DOTNET website development. And we also provide some software such as Inventory management software, POS billing software, online appointment scheduling software, etc.


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